Integration Mesh

Connect all your business tools into one platform, including Slack, AWS, SAP, and 400+ others

No-code Smart Workflow Studio

Drag and drop from 100+ pre-build automation and decision units in minutes to get a unique workflow for your business automation

Developer Workbench

Bring your custom automation ideas to life with a powerful toolkit for developers

Autoremediation and Predictions

Use smart behavioral analytics and decision units to prevent incidents before they impact your business


Improve interactions in your teams with in-time notifications and information exchange

Bot Analytics

Illuminate important business processes and get insights for smart management decisions

Amazon Redshift (119)

Update Partner Status

Rotate Encryption Key

Revoke Snapshot Access

Revoke Endpoint Access

Revoke Cluster Security GroupIngress

Resume Cluster

Restore Table From Cluster Snapshot

Restore From Cluster Snapshot

Resize Cluster

Reset Cluster Parameter Group

Reject Data Share

Reboot Cluster

Purchase Reserved Node Offering

Pause Cluster

Modify Usage Limit

Modify Snapshot Schedule

Modify Snapshot Copy Retention Period

Modify Scheduled Action

Modify Event Subscription

Modify Endpoint Access

Modify Cluster Subnet Group

Modify Cluster Snapshot Schedule

Modify Cluster Snapshot

Modify Cluster Parameter Group

Modify Cluster Maintenance

Modify Cluster Iam Roles

Modify Cluster Db Revision

Modify Cluster

Modify Authentication Profile

Modify Aqua Configuration

Get Reserved Node Exchange Offerings

Get Reserved Node Exchange Configuration Options

Get Cluster Credentials With IAM

Get Cluster Credentials

Enable Snapshot Copy

Enable Logging

Disassociate Data Share Consumer

Disable Snapshot Copy

Disable Logging

Describe Usage Limits

Describe Tags

Describe Table Restore Status

Describe Storage

Describe Snapshot Schedules

Describe Snapshot Copy Grants

Describe Scheduled Actions

Describe Resize

Describe Reserved Nodes

Describe Reserved Node Offerings

Describe Reserved Node Exchange Status

Describe Partners

Describe Orderable Cluster Options

Describe Node Configuration Options

Describe Logging Status

Describe Hsm Configurations

Describe Hsm Client Certificates

Describe Events

Describe Event Subscriptions

Describe Event Categories

Describe Endpoint Authorization

Describe Endpoint Access

Describe Default Cluster Parameters

Describe Data Shares For Producer

Describe Data Shares For Consumer

Describe Data Shares

Describe Clusters

Describe Cluster Versions

Describe Cluster Tracks

Describe Cluster Subnet Groups

Describe Cluster Snapshots

Describe Cluster Security Groups

Describe Cluster Parameters

Describe Cluster Parameter Groups

Describe Cluster Db Revisions

Describe Authentication Profiles

Describe Account Attributes

Delete Usage Limit

Delete Tags

Delete Snapshot Schedule

Delete Snapshot Copy Grant

Delete Scheduled Action

Delete Partner

Delete Hsm Configuration

Delete Hsm Client Certificate

Delete Event Subscription

Delete Endpoint Access

Delete Cluster Subnet Group

Delete Cluster Snapshot

Delete Cluster Security Group

Delete Cluster Parameter Group

Delete Cluster

Delete Authentication Profile

Deauthorize Data Share

Create Usage Limit

Create Tags

Create Snapshot Schedule

Create Snapshot Copy Grant

Create Scheduled Action

Create Hsm Configuration

Create Hsm Client Certificate

Create Event Subscription

Create Endpoint Access

Create Cluster Subnet Group

Create Cluster Snapshot

Create Cluster Security Group

Create Cluster Parameter Group

Create Cluster

Create Authentication Profile

Copy Cluster Snapshot

Cancel Resize

Batch Modify Cluster Snapshots

Batch Delete Cluster Snapshots

Authorize Snapshot Access

Authorize Endpoint Access

Authorize Data Share

Authorize Cluster Security Group Ingress

Associate Data Share Consumer

Add Partner

Accept Reserved Node Exchange