Integration Mesh

Connect all your business tools into one platform, including Slack, AWS, SAP, and 400+ others

No-code Smart Workflow Studio

Drag and drop from 100+ pre-build automation and decision units in minutes to get a unique workflow for your business automation

Developer Workbench

Bring your custom automation ideas to life with a powerful toolkit for developers

Autoremediation and Predictions

Use smart behavioral analytics and decision units to prevent incidents before they impact your business


Improve interactions in your teams with in-time notifications and information exchange

Bot Analytics

Illuminate important business processes and get insights for smart management decisions

S.M.A.R.T. Questions

Below are our most asked questions about Botprise S.M.A.R.T. Hyperautomation. If you have additional questions, contact us, we have to solve it.


Why cloud automation is important for an enterprise

A Large MSP serving hundreds of customers across the globe. The managed service organization serves customers with standard and custom operating models. Standard operating model meant that all customers serviced with this model were managed with a standard set of tools, whereas custom model meant a diverse set of customer owned tools.

MSP’s team was responsible for the customer’s IT infrastructure and asset’s lifecycle management and day-to-day operations. Processes designed with humans in mind, existence of numerous management tools and the sheer volume/ frequency of requests was proving to be an impediment to the smooth operation of the MSP business.

Why is network automation important and what are the benefits?

Network Automation is important because it unify the processes. Everyday the price of network operations price growth with geometric progression. Up to 80 percent of all operational costs at least 2 times higher than the network cost

Human error protection – most of all repetitive and routine tasks tire people and even the most responsible person will make a mistake someday the reason is nothing but human nature. In the same time bot doesn’t have such a weaknesses as a human being. 

Lessen IT teams workload – automation opens a new horizons for network operations team instead of solving repetitive tasks they can spend their time for more complicated and new things to improve the business. 

Boost scaling – scalability is one of the most important growth stats for 21st century and Hyperautomation. 

What is automated ticket resolution?

Automated ticket resolution is a process when SMART bot analyze the environment and fix the things by his own. In case of need in human involvement it reports the responsible specialist with an analysis of problems. Automated ticket resolution helps to keep everything structured, systematic and solved even without a personal involvement.

What is compliance automation?

Compliance automation is the process of continuous compliance system checking and analysis. 

Commonly it describes as “automation of compliance processes that previously had been done manually, by employees”, but actually its even something more it is a new era in documents flow because it includes more data, reduce failure rates and better documenting and reporting.

What it tasks can be automated?

With SMART Hyperautomation you can automate management, marketing, analysis, analytics, checking, reporting, autoremediation and many others.

To draw the line – every process can be automated even brainstorm it depends on personal decision making. For example even making a diagnoses can be automated with high level of accuracy the only reason why it isn’t integrated is moral dilemma.

What is security automation system?

Security Automation System is a system which operate with:

  • Network/Cloud traffic analysis & anomaly detection (Netflow/VPC Flows)
  • System performance & events anomaly detection
  • Phishing attacks
  • Endpoint protection
  • Identity verification & enforcement
  • SIEM triage
  • Insider threat detection
  • Threat intelligence & Threat hunting
  • Playbook automation for common issues
  • Auto whitelisting / blacklisting (Proxy, NGFW)
  • Troubleshooting (VPN, connectivity, etc)

How to automate your IT process?

To automate your IT process you have to follow this guide –
1. Provide a system analysis of repetitive actions
2. Define the aims and goals of development/scaling/KPI and other metrics
3. Define the list of services needed to be in the automation process chain
4. Develop a solution
5. Develop compatibility of your workflows with third-party services
6. Evaluate your customers to interact with a solution
7. Develop/recruit a specialist/service to analyze automation results
8. Get statistics on automation performance
9. Eternal process of workflow improvement based on metrics

S.M.A.R.T. Hyperautomation with Botprise –
1. Provide a system analysis of repetitive actions
2. Define the aims and goals of development/scaling/KPI and other metrics
3. Start using Botprise and improve your performance instead of following so many steps.

How to automate your business?

Business optimization depends on the sphere and requires different automation guides (to know more about automation in your business) nevertheless the general automation plan is:
Define the repetitive actions
2. Set business goals
3. Choose/develop automation
4. Create critériums for automation development/effectiveness
5. Eternal process of workflow development

Or you can request a demo of our solutions for your business sphere

How to automate customer services using chatbots?

The idea of chatbots automation is a solution to stop the uncontrolled growth of support teams (and support teams cost) and the ping-pong-ing customers from one specialist to another (which decreases the conversion). In addition, not all of your customers want to have communication (they want pain/problem to be solved).

So chatbot automation require the list of most typical customer questions/problems
And creating a process chain to cover all of them. Botprise chatbot solution includes AI/ML to improve your customer experience.

What is SOAR (Security Orchestration and Remediation)?

SOAR refers to technologies that enable organizations to collect inputs monitored by the security operations team. For example, alerts from the SIEM system and other security technologies — where incident analysis and triage can be performed by leveraging a combination of human and machine power — help define, prioritize and drive standardized incident response activities. SOAR tools allow an organization to define incident analysis and response procedures in a digital workflow format.