Integration Mesh

Connect all your business tools into one platform, including Slack, AWS, SAP, and 400+ others

No-code Smart Workflow Studio

Drag and drop from 100+ pre-build automation and decision units in minutes to get a unique workflow for your business automation

Developer Workbench

Bring your custom automation ideas to life with a powerful toolkit for developers

Autoremediation and Predictions

Use smart behavioral analytics and decision units to prevent incidents before they impact your business


Improve interactions in your teams with in-time notifications and information exchange

Bot Analytics

Illuminate important business processes and get insights for smart management decisions

Cloud security

Use Case – EC2

Background Use Case – Database Performance Optimization Botprise USE CASE Background A leading E-commerce company offers a wide range of products to customers globally. Their platform is heavily reliant on databases to manage inventory, customer data, transactions, and more....

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Use Case – S3 Encryption Security

Background A large Education Technology company sells educational products and services directly to high school and college students. That includes renting textbooks, guiding customers in their search for scholarships, and offering online tutoring. In the course of its business,...

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Use Case – Phishing email detection and Remediation

A large professionally managed legal firm with thousands of clients who’s related documentation is maintained in digital format. Client communication is mostly done on emails and legal documentation is maintained digitized in a DMS. Emails therefore becomes a very important application for the firm and thereby potential threat to the firm if not managed properly.

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Use Case – Cloud Security Posture Management

A large professionally managed IaaS company dealing with thousands of cloud based assets and customers. Due to demands of the business the company frequently deploys and tears down their cloud assets. This poses a strain on the security and compliance teams that are responsible for identifying and managing the security of the cloud assets in the constantly evolving and changing environment.

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US based MSP – Cloud Ops Use Case

A Large MSP serving hundreds of customers across the globe. Processes designed with humans in mind, existence of numerous management tools and the sheer volume/ frequency of requests was proving to be an impediment to the smooth operation of the MSP business.

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