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Use Case – Cloud Security Posture Management


Key Challenges


A large professionally managed IaaS company dealing with thousands of cloud based assets and customers. Due to demands of the business the company frequently deploys and tears down their cloud assets. This poses a strain on the security and compliance teams that are responsible for identifying and managing the security of the cloud assets in the constantly evolving and changing environment. 

The security team is responsible for handling the threats and security events related to these assets too. This makes it difficult to react to all the alerts immediately. This drives to increase the resources and amount of employees for continuous compliance. 


IaaS company ​




Security Operations


Information Technology


Automation Units, Integrations, Decision Units, Workflows

Key Challenges

Request Volume

High volume and frequent security alerts and compliance deviation events.

Human Factor

The inability to resolve or attend to all security alerts due to the sheer volume of alerts to be handled.

Service Request

Not able to meet the SLAs defined internally thereby exposing serious security flaws on cloud assets.

The need for Integrations

Each new customer acquisition and spinning up of new types of cloud assets meant a different set of tools that required integrations that existing automation investments couldn’t cope with.

Work Process

The organization has a number of industry-leading tools for monitoring cloud assets, application performance, cloud security posture reporting, etc. These tools provide valuable insights and security deviations as new assets are added and as existing assets change, but the team responsible is unable to cope with the large volume of details and events shown by these tools, thereby leading to delays in plugin the gaps related to these events. 



The Botprise Solution, with its off-the-shelf integration into various tools & platforms, made easy work of modeling the incident management and remediation process on the Botprise Smart Studio. These automated processes were deployed as a series of SmartBots which were automatically called into action upon the occurrence of events, the tools or service requests from concerned teams. With Botprise in place, the  now has a solution to deploy changes to the existing process or develop new processes on a single platform regardless of the tools that are required to be integrated

The IAAS now has a solution to deploy changes to the existing process or develop new processes on a single platform regardless of the tools that are required to be integrated. 


The company is now able to deploy event and data-driven automated remediation actions for security alerts thereby reducing the time to close security gaps or assign the right skilled resources to complete the tasks that require human intervention. This allows the team to remain focused on business-impacting operational issues. 


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Lead time reduction by 90%

Human involvement in operation process reduced by 70%

80% improvement in SLAs on operational issues

80% of service requests resolved at FPOC (Botprise)