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Premier E-commerce Marketplace – CloudOps Use Case



A large professionally managed fully integrated Electronic Retailer of Jewelry & Lifestyle products dealing with thousands of products and thousands of customers on a daily basis. Due to the nature of business the ecommerce platform will be frequently updated with all new product promotions / discounts, subject to the product promotions and discounts the amount of customer traffic also varies very often. 

The group has all the best world class tools and systems to monitor each level of IT infra / application functionality to make sure the platform works with zero failures so that all the enquiries can be converted into orders. Though the best in class tools were in place they were working independently and were not able to really help the support function for a faster resolution and quick problem remediation.


Premier E-Commerce Marketplace




IT Operations


Information Technology


Automation Units, Integrations, Decision Units, Workflows

Key Challenges

Analysis of Notifications

Notifications from tools & alerts are analyzed manually and start the resolution process which results in a longer duration to resolve any issues.

Human Factor

Manual work performed by the support team to identify the root caused by referring to multiple tools which are operated independently

Service Request

Not able to meet the SLA’s defined internally and with business due to process gaps across different functions and across different tools.

The need for Integrations

Lack of tool integrations limit the ability to perform proactive monitoring and work on incidents, all incidents are reactive in nature.

Work Process

The organisation has few industry leading tools for monitoring IT infra, application performance, application monitoring etc. Each team looks at their respective tools for any alarm and upon receiving an alarm act on the alarm for a resolution.

Various technology support teams currently work on their individual platform for a resolution without identifying the real root cause of the issue, due to many manual steps the resolution time is much higher than the expected downtime for such platforms and which inturn cause huge business loss and create many unhappy customers.



The Botprise Solution, with its off-the shelf integration into various tools & platforms made easy work of modelling the entire IT & application support process on the Botprise Smart Studio. These automated processes were deployed as a series of SmartBots which were automatically called into action upon the occurrence of events from various management tools or service requests from concerned teams.

The IT operations team now has a SmartBot solution which has a holistic view of the entire IT & Application landscape and those SmartBots are capable of identifying the problem area, generate an ITSM ticket and trigger for a remediation or allocate the incident ticket to the right resolving agency.


The Large Global Retailer is now able to deploy event and data driven automated solutions for IT ops support. With the automated solution in place 100% of the incidents and service requests were handled within the defined SLA and 60% of the IT ops incidents were resolved automatically. Botprise’s Smartbots now spearhead the various processes as a digital agent that takes on incident requests and completes the tasks with improved and consistent SLAs regardless of the volume or frequency of these requests. The organisation is now moving towards having a  self-healing IT infra, the team is now ready to run large scale product promotions and manage greater volume of requests on our ecommerce platform


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100% improvement in internal & external customer satisfaction

Human involvement in operation process reduced by 80%

100% improvement in SLAs on IT incident handling

60% of incident requests resolved at FPOC (Botprise)