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Use Case – EC2

Cloud security


Use Case – Database Performance Optimization Botprise USE CASE Background A leading E-commerce company offers a wide range of products to customers globally. Their platform is heavily reliant on databases to manage inventory, customer data, transactions, and more. With the surge in online shopping, the company experienced a significant increase in user traffic, leading to database performance issues. This not only affected the user experience but also impacted sales and revenue. The company had a dedicated IT team, but the sheer volume of performance alerts, the rapid expansion of the company, and the integration of various third-party tools made it challenging to maintain optimal database performance. Moreover, the non-technical staff lacked awareness about the importance of database health, leading to inadvertent errors and slowdowns.


E-commerce Company




IT & Database Operations




Automation Units, Integrations, Decision Units, Workflows Key Challenges

Key Challenges


Performance Alerts

Frequent alerts related to database slowdowns, query bottlenecks, and server overloads.


Service Requests

Inability to promptly address user requirements due to database slowdowns and unoptimized queries.


Human Factor

Lack of database performance awareness among non-technical staff and a shortage of specialists to handle performance issues.

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Integration Complexity

Multiple third-party tools and applications integrated with the database, requiring continuous monitoring and management.

Work Process

The company operates a hybrid database environment, with assets both on-premises and in the cloud. They utilize database monitoring tools like SQL Diagnostic Manager and cloud services like AWS RDS for performance tracking, along with Jira for task management.



Botprise Solution Botprise, with its robust integration capabilities, seamlessly connected with the company’s database monitoring tools, cloud services, and task management systems. A smartbot was designed to continuously monitor database performance, automatically detect bottlenecks, and initiate optimization workflows. The bot also facilitated collaboration through Jira for approval steps and task tracking. The workflow diagram below illustrates the process:

The E-commerce company now benefits from an automated solution that proactively addresses database performance issues, ensuring smooth operations and an enhanced user experience.


The company has successfully implemented a proactive, data-driven approach to database performance optimization. This has drastically reduced downtime and improved site responsiveness.

Botprise’s Smartbots now lead the charge in database performance management, handling alerts and tasks with precision and consistency, regardless of their volume or frequency. The IT team can now prioritize strategic initiatives, resulting in improved site performance and increased customer satisfaction.


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Lead time reduction by 93%

88% reduction in workload for the existing IT and database teams

92% reduction in database-related incidents across the company

87% of service requests resolved at FPOC (Botprise)