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Use Case – Phishing email detection and Remediation



A large professionally managed legal firm with thousands of clients who’s related documentation is maintained in digital format. Client communication is mostly done on emails and legal documentation is maintained digitized in a DMS. Emails therefore becomes a very important application for the firm and thereby potential threat to the firm if not managed properly.  


While the firm took steps in having the right set of staff and tools to take care of security related to their applications, the volume of emails that the firm was exposed to was not something their staff could attend to. Additionally, the non-IT staff in the firm wasn’t very security aware which often led to security incidents like phishing attempts and ransomware attacks being successful. 


Legislative company




IT & security Operations




Automation Units, Integrations, Decision Units, Workflows

Key Challenges

Request Volume

High volume and frequent alerts related to phishing attempts on emails.

Human Factor

Lack of experience in security awareness of non-IT staff and the deficiency of qualified specialists who are able to handle security incidents.

Service Request

Not able to meet client requirements due to the non-availability of services and IT assets of the firm due to security incidents.

The need for Integrations

The amount of devices receiving any kind of data is huge and devices are connected to other apps. Sometimes they are using different ways to cooperate with clients inside and outside the company.

Work Process

The firm relies on a lot of email based communication between legal staff and clients. Emails are a source of threats to the firm with a potential for outsiders, competitors and possibly insiders try to siphon off data using known email attack techniques.  



The Botprise Solution, with its integration capabilities into the email service, ticketing system and sandbox services of the firm was able to create a smartbot that would look at suspicious emails. Furthemore the source of the emails and its contents could be researched and validated before further processing. Emails with suspected content would be verified for malicious content beforehand thereby preventing the user from inadvertently opening the email. A high level workflow representing the modeled process is as shown below:

The Legal firm now has a solution to deploy changes to the existing process or develop new processes on a single platform regardless of the tools that are required to be integrated. 


The firm is now able to deploy an event based, data-driven security solution for suspicious email alerts and perform automation that has helped it reduce its attack surface substantially. Furthermore, more automations have been deployed that address other security alert scenarios. 


Botprise’s Smartbots now spearhead various related processes as a digital agent that takes on security alerts and completes the tasks with improved and consistent responses regardless of the volume or frequency of these alerts. The IT staff are  now able to focus on business-impacting operational issues thereby improving the overall security of the firm and time to resolve. 


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Lead time reduction by 95%

90% reduction in workload for existing security and IT staff

90% reduction in the security incidents across the firm

89% of service requests resolved at FPOC (Botprise)