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BOTPRISE&Sumo Logic Integration: Very Powerful Combination

Oksana Riabichko
Oksana Riabichko

Oksana is highly driven Head of Operations with exstansive experience in Management including Business Strategy, Operations and Consulting. Have proven hands-on record of solving technical, management and strategic issues. An excellent and extremely personable communicator proficient at tailoring information to meet the needs of the customer.

February 23, 2021

Sumo Logic is a pioneer in continuous intelligence, a new category of software, which enables organisations of all sizes to address the data challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, modern applications, and cloud computing. The Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence Platform automates the collection, ingestion, and analysis of application, infrastructure, security, and IoT data to derive actionable insights within seconds. Botprise on the other hand, is an HyperAutomation platform that can be put to use in a myriad of automation use cases across operations, testing, performance evaluation, deployment and a host of other areas. 

We are happy to announce that the Botprise-Sumo Logic integration is now available to customers. With Botprise and Sumo Logic now being able to talk to each other, a tremendous opportunity presents itself to customers. By virtue of this integration, customers are now able to  introduce targeted workflow automations on Botprise that can be triggered by Sumo Logic’s capability to provide operational intelligence, security intelligence and business intelligence. Furthermore, Botprise customers can now begin to leverage Sumo Logic’s capabilities in the areas of application observability, cloud management/monitoring, log management and security analytics. 

With Botprise in play, intelligence information from Sumo Logic is ingested, processes can be modeled with Botprise’s workflow automation and actions of people can be automated, making the Botprise and Sumo Logic a very powerful combination. With Sumo logic weaving its magic on data from alerts, events, logs and performance data across the stack, passing the intelligence to Botprise, and Botprise’s smartbots executes actions that are typically managed by humans today. The partnership presents a unique proposition that can be extended to areas such as: 

  • Cloud monitoring and management
  • Log management
  • Application observability 
  • Audit and compliance 
  • SIEM and security analytics
  • Incident remediation
  • Continuous compliance 
  • Event based orchestration & fulfillment 
  • Playbook automation 
  • DevOps automation

Sumo Logic delivers the ability to work at scale, speed, efficiency, with any type of application or infrastructure data and provides intelligence & insights.  Botprise compliments this intelligence with its ability to execute tasks or entire processes with the same efficiency, speed and at scale. We now have a solution that delivers a tremendous reduction in people’s time on performing the mundane, thereby allowing them to focus on high-value, high-risk and high-priority problems. Welcome …. to the world of intelligence driven automation!

About Botprise

Botprise is Hyperautomation platform for IT Operations. Botprise AI driven automation helps enterprises automate repetitive business processes at scale both on-premise and in the cloud. 

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