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A Large Global Retailer – Chatbot Use Case



A Large Global Retailer with thousands of products and thousands of customers daily. Issues with the delivery processes, questions about products/discounts are typical and occur frequently. All customer inquiries are handled manually by the support team via chat. The customer support team includes several dozens of people distributed across the globe. Every day hundreds/thousands of support requests are processed manually.

Work process

The Large Global Retailer has a support team. All customer support service workers are given instructions on how to run conversation. Greetings, final words or policies on how to process certain information, are chosen in advance. To change policies, all team members should be notified about changes and reflect changes in their work. Actions that may be requested by customers, such as order status information, or more complex requests, are all done manually.


 The Botprise solution, with it’s Chat flow builder and automation capabilities allowed it to model common customer support scenarios in the Botprise Smart Studio and easily deploy it via ChatBot on the website. Automations of processes are achieved by including Automation Units in the ChatBot structure. With that, the Large Global Retailer now has a solution to seamlessly deploy any change in the structure of their ChatBot along with the option to automate new processes via Automation Units.


The Large Global Retailer is now able to easily deploy chatbot with required structure in minutes. Now, 70% of support requests are resolved automatically. Botprise Automation Units which are parts of Chatbot, do most of the routine work and lead to 68% reduction of human efforts required in typical customer support scenarios. In addition, overall process improvements increase customer satisfaction by 80%. The Large Global Retailer customer support team is now able to focus on resolving root causes of problems, not their outcomes and thereby improve customer satisfaction and team productivity even more.


A Large Global Retailer ​




Chatbot Ops


Online Retailer


Automation Units, Integrations, Decision Units, Workflows, Chat Units, Chatflows

Key Challenges

High number of customer support requests every day requires considerable investments for customer support department

Inability to add any automations to the process

Even with big support team delays in response happen, which make customers unhappy

Work Process

The MSP has a team that would perform changes to the infrastructure upon customer request and then perform the corresponding changes on various tools.

Customers would place their service requests on a service portal, and the team would carry out the execution of the requests – a purely manual way of operating that required the team to work with numerous tools and systems before the customer’s request had been successfully completed.



The Botprise solution, with its off-the-shelf integrations into the numerous MSP and customer tools made easy work of modelling the entire onboarding process on the Botprise Smart Studio.

These automated processes were deployed as a series of SmartBots which were automatically called into action upon the occurrence of events from the customer service request portal or ITSM tools.

The MSP now has a solution to deploy changes to the existing process or develop new processes on a single platform regardless of the tools that are required to be integrated. 


The MSP is now able to deploy event and data driven automated solutions for customer and asset onboarding with close to 100 percent reduction in lead time for the associated service requests. 


Botprise’s Smartbots now spearhead the various processes as a digital agent that takes on service requests and completes the tasks with improved and consistent SLAs regardless of the volume or frequency of these requests. 


The MSPs team is now able to focus on business impacting operational issues thereby improving customer satisfaction and team morale. 


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Lead time reduction by 99%

Human involvement in operation process reduced by 95%

80% improvement in SLAs on operational issues

85% of service requests resolved at FPOC (Botprise)