Integration Mesh

Connect all your business tools into one platform, including Slack, AWS, SAP, and 400+ others

No-code Smart Workflow Studio

Drag and drop from 100+ pre-build automation and decision units in minutes to get a unique workflow for your business automation

Developer Workbench

Bring your custom automation ideas to life with a powerful toolkit for developers

Autoremediation and Predictions

Use smart behavioral analytics and decision units to prevent incidents before they impact your business


Improve interactions in your teams with in-time notifications and information exchange

Bot Analytics

Illuminate important business processes and get insights for smart management decisions

How to? Run first automation

How to? Running your first automation

How to? Running your first automation How to run your first automation? The very first and the easiest way is to create automation by copying it from Botprise Catalog! What is a Botprise Catalog? The Catalog page is a...

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CSPM | Botprise | Cloud Security Posture Management

CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management CSPM – Cloud Security Posture Management Cloud security posture management is a methodology aimed to protect the users environment from misconfiguration which can be the reason for vulnerabilities. The Gartner research claimed that...

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Credex & Botprise | Strategic Partnership

Credex & Botprise | Strategic Partnership Botprise and Credex are glad to announce the partnership to deliver smartbots solutions from IT Operations to DevSecOps. Credex is know by proven experience in: Digital Product Engineering Business Experience Transformation Technology Innovation...

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Botprise | MS Teams

Botprise | MS Teams | Integration

Botprise & MS Teams Integration From this very moment Botprise has an Integration with MS Teams. Its a new step in our ecosystem and ability to integrate cloud-based team collaboration software.  Microsoft Teams is the messaging app for an organization—a...

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Botprise Maple Release

What’s New in the Botprise Maple Release

What’s New in the Botprise Maple Release New Features and improvements Table of Contents Next generation UI A new and fresh next generation UI is now available to all users of Botprise. Scope With the introduction of scope the...

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Botprise | Zendesk

Botprise & Zendesk | HYPERAUTOMATION | Integration

Botprise is glad to announce our new integration with Zendesk.Zendesk was rewarded as #1 in Digital Customer Service use case by Gartner.Zendesk is a great Customer Relationship Management. It provides solutions for sales and services. From this very moment,...

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Hyperautomation and how to start

Hyperautomation | How does it feel?

Talking to customers about IT automation often reminds me of my struggle with physical exercise. I know it’s something I should do, but finding time on a busy calendar, overcoming lack of confidence that exercise will materialize in the...

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Hyperautomation Integration: Botprise & LogicMonitor

Hyperautomation Integration: Botprise & LogicMonitor Brand New Botprise Integration with LogicMonitor is ready to use! LogicMonitor is known for Infrastructure Monitoring, Cloud Monitoring, Network Monitoring, Log Analytics and Server Monitoring. Botprise as a Hyperautomation company can provide LogicMonitor users...

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