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How to automate? | AWS DevSecOps Automation with Botprise

Oksana Riabichko
Oksana Riabichko

Oksana is highly driven Head of Operations with exstansive experience in Management including Business Strategy, Operations and Consulting. Have proven hands-on record of solving technical, management and strategic issues. An excellent and extremely personable communicator proficient at tailoring information to meet the needs of the customer.

March 13, 2023

Automate Amazon Appflow, Amazon Appflow, Application Auto Scaling, Application Cost Profiler, Amazon Redshift with Botprise

We continue describing automations for AWS. Botprise has more than 10k+ automations for DevSecOps operations. Let’s have a close look at some automations that are ready to use. 

Some of the automations that are ready-to-use:

  1. Amazon Appflow (20+ Automations) – With Amazon AppFlow automate bi-directional data flows between SaaS applications and AWS services in just a few clicks. Run the data flows at the frequency you choose, whether on a schedule, in response to a business event, or on demand. Simplify data preparation with transformations, partitioning, and aggregation. Automate the preparation and registration of your schema with the AWS Glue Data Catalog so you can discover and share data with AWS analytics and machine learning services.
  2. App Integrations Amazon Appflow (10+ Automations) – Application integration on AWS is a suite of services that enable communication between decoupled components within microservices, distributed systems, and serverless applications. You don’t need to refactor your entire architecture to benefit – decoupling applications at any scale can reduce the impact of changes, making it easier to update and faster to release new features.
  3. Application Auto Scaling (10+ Automations) – Application Auto Scaling is a web service for developers and system administrators who need a solution for automatically scaling their scalable resources for individual AWS services beyond Amazon EC2.
  4. Application Cost Profiler – provides the ability to track the consumption of shared AWS resources used by software applications and report granular cost breakdown across the tenant base. You can achieve economies of scale with the shared infrastructure model, while still maintaining a clear line of sight to detailed resource consumption information across multiple dimensions.
  5. Amazon Redshift (100+ Automations) – Amazon Redshift uses SQL to analyze structured and semi-structured data across data warehouses, operational databases, and data lakes, using AWS-designed hardware and machine learning to deliver the best price-performance at any scale.

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About Botprise: 

Botprise is a No-Code auto-remediation for DevSecOps. Botprise AI-driven automation helps enterprises automate repetitive business processes at scale both on-premise and in the cloud.