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Botprise Integration with Contrast Security

Botpirse Integration with Contrast Security

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 No-Code GenAI-driven Remediation for Security Operations

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This automation is designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of software projects, particularly those hosted on platforms like GitHub. By inputting the project’s URL, the system automatically deploys the project on an Amazon EC2 instance, activates a Contrast Security agent, and conducts a thorough examination. The primary focus of this analysis includes evaluating vulnerabilities, assessing libraries used, checking route coverage, and generating a flow map of the project.

Use Case

  • User Input: The user begins by entering the project data, specifically the URL link to the project repository (e.g., a GitHub link).

  • Project Deployment: The system automatically deploys the project on an Amazon EC2 instance. This step ensures that the project is running in an isolated and controlled environment, suitable for in-depth analysis.

  • Contrast Security Agent Activation: Once the project is deployed, the Contrast Security agent is activated. This agent is responsible for scanning the project, identifying vulnerabilities, and assessing the security posture of the application.

  • Analysis and Reporting:

    • Vulnerability Assessment: The system scans for security vulnerabilities within the project’s codebase, providing insights into potential security risks.

    • Library Analysis: It evaluates the libraries used in the project, checking for outdated or vulnerable versions.

    • Route Coverage: The tool checks the coverage of different routes in the application, ensuring all paths are tested and secure.

    • Flow Map Generation: A flow map of the project is created, offering a visual representation of the application’s structure and flow.

  • Detailed Report Generation: Upon completion of the analysis, the system generates a detailed report. This report includes findings on vulnerabilities, library usage, route coverage, and the flow map, offering a comprehensive view of the project’s current state.

How to:

Enter the required instances for Contrast Security integration:

  • Name: Enter a unique name for the integration.

  • OrganizationID: Provide the Organization ID associated with your Contrast Security account.

  • AuthKey: Enter the Authorization Key from your Contrast Security account.

  • ApiKey: Provide the API Key from your Contrast Security account.

Press “Test” to test the integration details.

Press “Save” to store the integration details.

Extra Materials

Kishan Bulusu, founder and CEO of Botprise:


“I’m thrilled to announce the launch of our latest automation feature, designed to revolutionize how we handle project analysis and reporting. This tool is not just a step forward in ensuring robust security and code quality; it’s a leap towards empowering developers with the insights they need to excel. By automating the tedious and complex process of project analysis, we’re freeing up valuable time and resources, allowing our teams to focus on what they do best: creating innovative and secure software. This is more than an upgrade; it’s a new chapter in our commitment to excellence and security in software development.”

Start using Botprise automation with Contrast Security seamlessly!