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How to Set Up Botrpise & AppDynamics

With the integration in place, the following actions take place: 

  • Events from AppDynamics are seen on Botprise’s EventHub 

  • On Botprise’s EventHub, the event is configured as a Botprise trigger unit (BTU) and important information is extracted from the event and stored for use later by SmartBots. 

  • The AppDynamics event and the metadata associated with it is associated with a workflow on SmartStudio.

  • In Botprise No-code SmartStudio, users can model the process or remediation sequence by dragging and dropping Botprise Automation Units (BAUs). These can be units that interact with AppDynamics such as extracting metric information, looking up process information on compute instances that host the application that has shown anomalous behavior on AppDynamics, interacting with an ITSM platform, etc. 

  • The flow modeled above is saved as a SmartBot 

  • The Smartbot can be tested to ensure that the interactions with the other applications and infrastructure (as modeled in the workflow) is working as expected.

  • A custom event can be sent to AppDynamics to show execution status

  • The next time the event appears on EventHub, the SmartBot is called into action and completes the task. 

Step by Step Guide

The very first step is to go to Integration Mesh tab on Botprise Platform.

The second step is to add an integration. Please press “Add Integration” button.

All Integrations follow the same logic:
You need to finish the set up process. Input the data to all fields where it is required.

After finishing set up Events from AppDynamics will show up in EventHub

(To know more about Event Hub: Video Guide (clickable)

From this step, it is possible to use AppDynamics in Smart Studio!

To know more about Smart Studio: Video Guide (clickable)