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What’s New in the Botprise Maple Release

Oksana Riabichko
Oksana Riabichko

Oksana is highly driven Head of Operations with exstansive experience in Management including Business Strategy, Operations and Consulting. Have proven hands-on record of solving technical, management and strategic issues. An excellent and extremely personable communicator proficient at tailoring information to meet the needs of the customer.

June 16, 2022

What’s New in the Botprise Maple Release

New Features and improvements


Table of Contents

Next generation UI

A new and fresh next generation UI is now available to all users of Botprise.


With the introduction of scope the user is now able to define and bind a set of credentials, assets that use the credentials and a commandpost (if needed) together. This binding can then be used in either your workflows or automation units to be fed as inputs to execute a task that the workflow or automation unit is designed for.


New integrations supported

Botprise now supports the following new third party integrations:

  • UniFi Controller – Wifi – Standard Level Certification
  • OpsRamp – ITOM – Standard Level Certification
  • Connectwise – ITSM – Standard Level Certification
  • SysAid – ITSM – – Standard Level Certification
  • Teamworks – ITSM – Standard Level Certification
  • LogicMonitor – Monitoring Teamworks – Standard Level Certification


The new onboarding feature enables new users to onboard themselves onto Botprise in the quickest time. With the click of a few buttons and upload on vital information the users is able to get the max out of Botprise is the shortest time. Additional capabilities delivered include auto suggestions of app based on user environment and possible integrations to the customer’s third-party applications.

Auto-deployment of Apps

AI/ML capabilities of the Botprise platform have been enhanced to autosuggest to the user based on contextual and descriptive information from a set of similar events on EvnetHub a set of Apps from the catalogue can be used to remediate or work on the events.


Introduction of an autodiscovery process to the Botprise platform to enable users to get realtime stats, analysis and suggestions from their ticketing system (or other events that hit the event hub). Autodiscovery can be enabled at any time during the lifecycle of a customer journey with botprise. Example: it can be enabled at the start of the engagement (coupled with onboarding) to give the user insights on what percentage of the tickets can be addressed with the help of Botprise smartbots/templates/BAUs. The autodiscovery process can be enabled any time after (during the initial usage or later) to showcase what changes are being realised usage of Botprise or what are the opportunities that the customer has to automate that will give the user’s account an edge as far and automation progress is concerned.


Autodiscovery from offline data

Ability for user to upload the offline historical data for analysis and linking to the autodiscovery process. The user can now upload a historical event data file post which the autodiscovery engine takes over and processes the file. Autodiscovery engine takes over. Post the file successfully uploads – the autodiscovery process proceeds as is the case when autodiscovery is run from the event data.

Entity extraction from Events

Users are now able to drag and select event information presented on EventHub and feedback thee selected parts of the event description as outputs of trigger units. These can further be used as inputs to subsequent automation units in a workflow

Commandpost association option in integration mesh

Commandpost association option has been to the “add integration” modal for all integrations. This is response to customer specific requirements to launch connections to integrations via a commandpost.

Integration mesh search and selection

Applications in the integration mesh could belong to different categories, therefore if the user searches for a specific application which belongs to different categories – we now show the same application under different categories and UI changes have been made for this.


New Solutions & Apps

OpsRamp – Endpoint management automations on OpsRamp

Unifi Wireless – Automated wifi infrastructure health check reporting


Bug fixes

·       On Integration mesh Page after entering integration it shows error as “Failed to fetch data due to: cannot unpack non-iteratable NoneType object“.

·       When selecting app/template and use “Launch in studio” action it shows blank page.

·       While changing property of workflow it crashes application

·       Caching issues with add action modal in the integration mesh

·       While launching/viewing templets (try to view last templates) it crashes application.

·       For newly created template if one issues the “show template” action then it crashes the application

·       Application crashes when  user creates BTU and select template and try to launch in studio

·       Clicking on specific (ServiceNow) based bot executions results in an application crash

·       Test button doesn’t work under specific circumstances in the integration mesh page

·       Command post API proxy feature doesn’t respond after timeout value is reached