Integration Mesh

Connect all your business tools into one platform, including Slack, AWS, SAP, and 400+ others

No-code Smart Workflow Studio

Drag and drop from 100+ pre-build automation and decision units in minutes to get a unique workflow for your business automation

Developer Workbench

Bring your custom automation ideas to life with a powerful toolkit for developers

Autoremediation and Predictions

Use smart behavioral analytics and decision units to prevent incidents before they impact your business


Improve interactions in your teams with in-time notifications and information exchange

Bot Analytics

Illuminate important business processes and get insights for smart management decisions

Botprise & Wiz Partnership

Botprise & Wiz cloud security integration

SecOps Solutions

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Partner Network

    SecOps Competency

    Hyperautomation competency

About Botprise: 

Botprise is focused on AI-driven remediations of the security vulnerabilities caused by misconfigurations and human error in cybersecurity infrastructure (Multi-Cloud  and Hybrid) with our intelligent automation platform.



About WIZ: 

Led by an experienced and visionary team, we are on a mission to help organizations create secure cloud environments that accelerate their businesses. By creating a normalizing layer between cloud environments, our platform enables organizations to rapidly identify and remove critical risks.

Botprise and WIZ: 

Botprise and Wiz have joined forces to create a powerful solution for security operations (SecOps) that combines AI-driven automation with a no-code approach. This innovative collaboration empowers organizations to swiftly detect and remediate security threats, enhancing their cybersecurity posture while minimizing manual intervention. With Botprise and Wiz, SecOps teams can achieve unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness in safeguarding their digital assets.

  Remediation execution

  • SecOps Remediation 

  • Integration into change management process and tools

  • Deploy automations based on security issues

Event Handling 

  • Create a trigger unit 

  • Extract information from the event 

  • Associate the trigger unit to a remediation app